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The Evil Writer

Murder, most distracting

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Murder, most distracting

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I'm a bit behind in these. But Sunday's game in Knoxville. Ah, Sunday's game. Two new players, and the player of Evangeline Athelstain, who is not exactly your typical RPG player. I decided to drop them in a murder mystery.

Murder mysteries are the most fun stories in Houses of the Blooded, in my opinion. The only reason I don't do more is because I'm afraid I'll turn the whole campaign into a series of murders. The free-form system of Houses is best displayed in the murder mystery. You find a body. Cunning checks. The players wagers define the details about the body. Nine times out of ten, the identity of the body will be established. Then, if appropriate, Wisdom checks to see what everyone remembers about the deceased. If not appropriate, just start narrating.

The body in this case turned out to be Lord Marinus's brother. Lord Marinus wasn't at the table (though his player was NPCing for me,) but absent characters have never been safe in Knoxville before, as Lord Jareth learned.  Lord Marinus's brother was slain in a wine merchant's shop. A pregnant wine merchant. Pregnant with the twins of Lord Marinus. Oh, what a tangled web. What a horribly tangled web. During the game the Sheriff and the merchant went off together, and both were found dead. The Sheriff had killed the merchant, and Marinus had taken his vengeance for his lover's death.

Meanwhile, the characters couldn't care less. Who really did the crime was of no importance whatsoever. What was important to them was who they could BLAME. And did they ever blame people! Each other, their vassals, the merchant, the sheriff, each other again, their vassals again. I was just waiting for someone to lay down a style or a wager and say, "and it was me," but it kept going round and round. It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Backstabbing in the extreme, and hardly any risks. Just a lot of roleplay, and me cracking up and handing out style.

Finally the party split up. The dilettante Fox went off with her husband and discovered that orks had infiltrated the village! My, but there were lots of orks in the strangest places. Perhaps that could mean something to the metaplot?

Meanwhile he who was most accused decided to repay the lack of hospitality in the cruelest way possible. When everyone left him alone, he calmly ransacked the wine merchant, stealing all his (and by extension, Lord Marinus's) wine, framing another, and riding off.

And Evangeline? Why Evangeline calmly went to her meeting. Her meeting with Lord Marinus himself, where she informed him that she had arranged for the murder of his brother as agreed, thus getting rid of one more unwanted sibling and kicking off the whole series of adventures.

Murder mysteries in Houses of the Blooded are awesome.
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